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Total Dissolved Solids and electrical conductivity was checked through Tintometer Multi-direct Machine. Air and water temperature was determined by common mercury thermometer ranged from 0 to 110 °C and dissolved oxygen was measured through dissolved oxygen meter. During the study months the mean values recorded for the water quality parameters were, pH of water was 6.95, Total Alkalinity 135ppm, Total Hardness 95ppm, Total Chlorine 0, Air temperature 26.5 ?C, Water temperature 17 ?C, Total dissolved solids 0.49ppm, Electrical conductivity 104?S/cm, and Dissolved Oxygen 5.91ppm. From this study we get the results that River Swat water at Batkhela, District Malakand have good water quality and the aquatic parameters are in normal ranges and show that the water has no adverse effect on growth, survival and reproduction of both aquatic flora and fauna of River Swat.