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Brand CLEVER Model CY-12C Quantity 1 Color Black + white LCD Display 1.9" Special Functions Oxygen alarm oxygen analyzer oxygen detector and oxygen concentration analyzer Application Analyzes oxygen in industrial and mining establishments cabin tunnel chemical engineering and fertilizer to avoid explosion for too much oxygen and asphyxia for lack of oxygen; Check oxygen of exhaust by diesel engine and flue to control combustion and save energy; Analyzes storage oxygen of food vegetables fruits tobacco Chinese medicinal herb and dry fruits; Analyzes oxygen concentration of life-support machine anesthesia machine space navigation and diving; Also necessary for Physical chemical and biological experiments in middle school university and medical college meteorological department and pharmaceutical Factory Other Measure range: 0~100% / 0~25% / 0~5%; Precision: ±0.15% (concentration is lower than 5%) ±0.3% (concentration is 5%~25%) ±3% (concentration is more than 50%); Working temperature: -10'C~40'C; Humidity: <90%; Response time: analyzes 90% of oxygen concentration within 10 seconds; Operation method: pinch and suction analyzer w/ hand; Power: 6F22 / 9V battery can work for 500h; SO2 NO2 and H2S >=10% will affect accuracy; Resolution: 0.01%; Power consumption: 4W Packing List 1 x Oxygen analyzer 1 x Battery (9V) 1 x Leather bag 1 x Chinese user manual