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5pcs 7cm 7g Noctilucent Soft Prawn Shrimp Fishing Lure Bait Specifications: Item: shrimp noctilucent fishing lure Size: 7cm(body,not include the beard) Color:shown as the picture Weight: 7g Features: Easy to use. It is also easy to the freshman Perfect design can increase your catches and create more fun Unique movement as life-like swimming action in water Ideal for fishing, the shrimp is suitable for different kinds of fishes, like Snakehead, bass, mandarin fish, pond lice, red tip, fork-tail madtoms etc. The function of the the soft bait is mimic shrimp (lizards, and more) wandered around in the water, and beating under stationary state. Package include: 5 X Shrimp Noctilucent Fishing Lure { "id" : "Specification" "title" : [] "data" : []}