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Science of 21st century needs new paradigm. Paradigm shift is initiated from unexplainable fact with current paradigm. This time it begins with water memory which cannot be explained with current science based on materialism. New paradigm explains water memory with 3D wave inherent to matter. 3D wave is faster than speed of light and exists in the area of imaginary number, carrying out its effect as a field with 3D structure similar to original matter. 3D wave can be separated from the matter to water. 3D wave of hormone in water as separate entity can interact with hormone receptor, leading to cellular transmission. 3D wave of other medically effective substance can be stored in water and can be utilized for therapeutic purpose. Beyond analogue type water memory 3D wave can be digitized and expressed in 2D space. Digitized 3D wave shows the same functionality of original matter through holographic space. Digitized 3D wave can be modulated to electricity and change the characteristic of electricity in human beneficial way. There are enough facts which require new paradigm out of materialism. 21st century should be an era for new paradigm beyond materialism.