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vfd el inverter ac motor drive 3 phase 380v 750w 1hp 2 5a 600hz new vfd007el43a delta купить по лучшей цене

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Can measuring 50Hz / 60Hz 12V~50Hz/60Hz 380V AC voltage (average); RC Step-down power supply can connect zero line and fire line directly no extra power needed; Anti flash touch design; LED working current should be controlled in 20mA which can lengthen LED life time; Working voltage AC 12V AC 380V accuracy / error 1% Mounting-hole size: 45.5 x 2.5mm; Measuring rate: >/= 200ms/ times 0.6 3-digit tube; Application range: AC 220V voltage measuring; 22V motor voltage monitor; Inverter output of electricity monitoring and other Ac circuit voltage test; Please note: adopt resistance-capacitance step-down power supply no isolation high voltage require professional electrician to install