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Assesses the engineering of renewable sources for commercial power generation and discusses the safety, operation, and control aspects of nuclear electric power From an expert who advised the European Commission and UK government in the aftermath of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl comes a book that contains experienced engineering assessments of the options for replacing the existing, aged, fossil-fired power stations with renewable, gas-fired, or nuclear plants. From geothermal, solar, and wind to tidal and hydro generation, Nuclear Electric Power: Safety, Operation, and Control Aspects assesses the engineering of renewable sources for commercial power generation and discusses the important aspects of the design, operation, and safety of nuclear stations. Nuclear Electric Power offers: Novel, practical engineering assessments for geothermal, hydro, solar, tidal, and wind generation in terms of the available data on cost, safety, environmental damage, capacity factor reliability, and grid compatibility, with some nuclear comparisons Eigenvalues and real frequency response functions to assess the stabilities of reactor power, two-phase channel flow, and a Grid network A non-linear control strategy with simulation results for a Design Base Accident scenario Original analyses with experimental validation of molten fuel coolant interactions and aircraft impacts on rigid structures Analysis of the circumstances that led to the Fukushima disaster Nuclear Electric Power is an important book for all international nuclear power agencies and those who work within the field.