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tyt tae yeong tbbq3 100iii dual power source automatic switch 16a 3p dual power transfer switch купить по лучшей цене

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Sunwayman C21C- 830 lumens Thunder Hammer a new style EDC flashlight; Independent dual light source both are high-power good quality CREE LED thrower white light on the top for searching and more; red side light provides flood light for short-distance lighting etc. satisfactorily meet your demand under most circumstances. Side switch system coordinated with high-efficiency circuit delivers a user-friendly UI; simply depressing the switch for all output modes easily. Spring washers on both ends ensures the light is well connected and shock-proof. Tail stand capable the light can be used as an L-shape candle and the super low-current affords longer standby. The C21C is your best choice of a new style EDC with dual light source.