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"A mighty achievement. Thank you." John Lennon "There's no shortage of ambition in this 17-episode series directed in 1977 for British TV by music journalist and filmmaker Tony Palmer. Subtitled "The Story of Popular Music," this is the closest we will ever get to a definitive portrait of such a sprawling topic." Sean Axmaker Jazz is not a black music, nor a white music. Nor is it structureless improvisation. Nor did it originate in New Orleans. As created at the turn of the century throughout the American south, it had a quite specific and limited meaning. Its form was strict, as were the morals and musical principles which guided its early exponents. This film will seek to examine the origins of jazz, and show how these were exploited and eventually lost by greed. Jazz is a story of apartheid in music in which a unique blend of white musical discipline and black sensibility was compromised and laid waste.