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Brand N/A Model QZS-12 Quantity 12 piece(s) per pack Color Grey Material Soapstone Specification The Whiskey Stones are made from 100% pure Soapstone; These stones are handmade in Limerick Pennsylvania from new unused repurposed and eco-friendly Soapstone; Each stone is cut by hand and is 7/8 cubed; Soapstone has superior thermal mass giving it the natural ability to retain its temperature for extended periods of time; Soapstone is non-porous odorless and tasteless. It will not absorb odors from your freezer like ice cubes do; Edges are rounded and soapstone is softer than glass so they will not damage barware (not recommended for use in cocktail shakers); Whiskey stones are dishwasher safe and will never wear out; For adult use only please keep away from children; If used for heating please use caution as the stones get hot quickly; Expect a 10 to 15 degree drop in beverage temperature just like it came out of a wine cellar; Instructions for use: Please wash stones before first use; Place stones in freezer for at least two hours; Then place stones in your glass (recommend 3 stones per 2-3 oz) and pour your whiskey or other chosen spirit over the stones to chill your drink; Enjoy washable and reuse Packing List 12 x Soapstones 1 x Bag