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New English File is a five-part English Language course that places keen focus on students? ability to communicate. By using a series of engaging texts and activities, the course helps students develop their spoken English skills for both informal and formal situations. The workbook includes Vocabulary and Grammar Banks to ensure that practical learning is backed-up with theory so that accuracy is improved alongside fluency. The course features a Study Link package and this includes video content on a multi-ROM, which is linked to classroom learning, giving students the opportunity to continue learning English in between lessons. Teachers have access to additional classroom activities covering communication, vocabulary and grammar, as well as test and assessment CD-ROMs. Best-selling course for adults ? focus on spoken language skills Grammar Banks and Expanded Vocabulary Banks build on theory learning Engaging discussion points to encourage class participation Study Link Package includes web access, videos and multi-ROM Teacher?s Book includes additional activities for grammar, vocabulary and communication skills Test and assessment CD-ROMs to help track learning objectives