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Introduction Garbage collection is a technique for automatic reclamation and was first suggested by McCarthy. Programmers are looking for an ideal garbage collector. The choice of the particular garbage collector depends on the application behavior and mutator choice. The problems of managing storage have motivated language designers to redesign languages to include automatic storage reclamation. For automatic memory management programmers are embracing garbage collected languages such as Java which deals with automatic memory management and thereby reducing the burden of the programmer. Chapter 1 of the book introduces the concept of explicit and implicit storage reclamation. Chapter 2 deals with the review of literature. In chapter 3 the mechanism of Garbage collection in C & C++ is studied. In chapter 4, empirical evaluation of different garbage collectors of JDK is carried out. In chapter 5 the results are compiled from of the previous chapter tables. In chapter 6 the inferences drawn from the study are presented. There fore after reading the book we can conclude that which type of garbage collector is to be activated with which type of application.