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the challenges facing smes in accessing credit loans in ghana купить по лучшей цене

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This book examines roles NGOs play in promoting rural development in Ghana using Christian Rural Aid Network (CRAN). It identifies some program and activities of CRAN in two communities, namely Duakor and Abakam. Simple random sampling was used to identify 188 households using their house numbers. It identifies roles CRAN played in rural development to include running of micro-credit schemes, providing counseling services, helping people to establish and expand businesses, supporting education, assisting farmers and fishermen, establishing of churches and providing employment opportunities. It also revealed what the community members expected, this included the need to provide sanitary facilities, clinics and loans; some are already being met. Program maintenance responsibilities have also been discussed. Some challenges in the area is land acquisition and refusal to pay loans on the part of those who benefited from the credit schemes were identified as threats. Suggestions to problems include the need to acquire enough land and taking of legal measures to retrieve loans. At the end of the book it came to light that the activities of CRAN are helping to promote rural development.