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The purpose of this book is to contribute to the Information Technology field by integrating the creative problem solving methods and creativity principles to the software development process. This is done by first establishing the need to integrate creativity for products in the 21st Century, then studying creativity and its application and how it can be integrated in the Software Development Life Cycle, which has been used for decades as a software development tool. The end product is a Software Development Life Cycle that integrates creativity and is believed to be of value to software development success in the 21st century. The book begins with the background from authors of the 21st century revolution; Daniel Pink, Ken Robinson, and Eddie Obeng. Their views of the emerging 21st Century markets and changes that should be expected in the 21st century are studied. Then a thorough study of creativity and creative problem solving is made and how it can be applicable in the Information Technology field. Two workshops were held at a Tenet Conference that was held for Information Technology staff at various Universities in South Africa to get their views on the subject of creativity.