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tg1204 487f 1 the combined instrument for foton tg series tractor купить по лучшей цене

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Color: Grey + Yellow - Model: MS3302 - Material: ABS - Dot not apply the voltage to the output plugs - Do not use or store this instrument in a high temperature or high humidity environment and do not store the unit indirect sunlight - Do not measure current before the unit is not combined with DMM - If the instrument is used near noise generating equipment be aware that output voltage may become unstable or get more errors - Current range: 0.1A - 400A a.c. RMS - Output voltage levels: 10mV/A: 1mV a.c. per 0.1 Amp a.c.; 1mV/A: 1mV a.c. per 1 Amp a.c. - Accuracy: 2.0% + 0.5A - Working voltage: 600V CAT.II per IEC -1010 - Operating temperature: 0'C to 50'C - Type of sensing: Induction coil sensing for AC current - Maximum output impedance: 45 - Maximum jaw opening: 29mm - Maximum conductor line length: 28mm - Set the DMM at ACV function and a relevant range Connect the plug of transducer with a DMM and combined firmly Press the trigger to open transformer jaws and clamp one conductor only making sure that the jaws is firmly closed around the conductor then read the reading from the digital display of DMM - Package includes: - 1 x MASTECH MS3302 AC current transducer - 1 x Chinese manual - 1 x Pouch