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This electric toothbrush is with sonic vibration system, can effectively clean your teeth, promote the whole mouth healthy including both teeth and gums. Features Adopt sonic vibration system, vibration frequency up to 30000 times per minute, helps reduce germs and bacteria at hard-to-reach places. Soft DuPont anti-allergy brush, efficiently clean teeth, remove teeth stains and prevent tooth sensitivity. Soft brush will not damage your teeth. With tooth whitening function, recover your tooth with original whiteness, making your teeth shining. Slight vibration can promote blood circulation of the mouth, massage the gums, well protect your gum and teeth. Smart wireless inductive charging, safe and convenient. IPX7 waterproof, all body washable. Specifications Brand KEMEI Model KM-907 Waterproof Level IPX7 (Whole body be washable with water) Toothbrush Head Totally 3 Power 3W Charging Time 15h Working Time 50 times (2 minutes) Vibration Frequency 45000/min Brush Bristle DuPont brush, soft and elastic Sound