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tarot hmbgc v2 0 micro 3 axis brushless gimbal controller plate control board 3 axis module with sensor case for diy quadcopter купить по лучшей цене

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Despite the inbuilt advantages offered by 5-axis machining, the manufacturing industry has not widely adopted this technology due to the high cost of machines and insufficient support from CAD/CAM systems. Companies are used to 3-axis machining and the operators are in many cases not yet ready for 5-axis machining in terms of training and programming. An effective solution for this 5 axis problem is a graduated migration through the use of 3+2-axis machining. The objective of this research is to develop and implement a machining technique that uses the simplicity of 3-axis tool positioning and the flexibility of 5-axis tool orientation, to machine complex surfaces. This work presents the application of well known methods from Pattern Recognition and newly developed methods by the current author that were adapted for surface machining. This work includes an explanation of the procedures required to determine an appropriate tool orientation, feed direction, tool path trajectory and tool parameters for patch-by-patch machining. These parameters are determined independently for each patch and aim at reducing the time required to machine a surface while maintaining the surface specific.