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Brand AXON Model F-136 Color Brown + transparent Material Plastic Quantity 1 Power 1 x AG5 batteries (included 2 PCS) Functions It can be used for sound amplifier; When you watch movie enjoy the drama attend meeting or have classes the product can help you to hear the sound clearly and loudly; Great hearing aid for hearing impairment person to communicate with others easily Wearing Mode Behind-the-ear Maximum loudness 129 +/- 5 dB Sensitivity 4 dB Frequency response 350~3800 Hz Noise <= 23dB Features The sound enhancement BTE hearing aid amplifier combines a cosmetically appealing look with the smooth sound an internal speaker; Filter out unwanted noise caused by airflow or wind; Deliver direct powerful and smooth sound right into your ear; Moisture resistant provides durability to most forms of moisture and wear; Wireless more convenient and safety; The BTE hearing aid also provides improved technology for reduced electromagnetic interference; This BTE hearing aid is suitable for severe hearing loss people; This mini BTE hearing aid is small enough to fit easily in your pocket or handbag; Harmonic distortion: <=15% (f<1000Hz) <=10% (f>1000Hz); Working voltage: 1.55V; Working current: <8mA Packing List 1 x Hearing aid 2 x AG5 batteries 1 x English user manual