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In this book, the physical and biochemical properties (rheological, thermal and relative molecular protein size distribution) of soy and wheat proteins in soy and wheat composite dough are evaluated. The process of physical modification of soy flour (moist heat treatment) was successful in modulating the physical and chemical properties of soy-wheat dough. The SE-HPLC technique demonstrated that the improved contribution to dough properties of physical modification of soy proteins was due to changes in the molecular size distribution of the soy proteins, which results indicated that a soy-wheat composite dough made from this flour forms a stronger dough with potentially better baking qualities. This process of physical modification of soy flour (optimized moist heat treatment) is considered to be of practical significance to developing countries. Thermal properties (DSC water evaporation endotherms) of soy-wheat dough made from the modified soy flour were used to develop a mathematical model for the formulation of soy-wheat bread. Soy-wheat bread formulations using at least 30% physically modified soy flour, with acceptable organoleptic properties and improved nutritional value.