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Over 600 puzzles. And prizes. Plus no cheating. If you are anyone you know is on the verge of addication, frustrated with how much fun Sudoku - at amazingly addictive logic puzzle game - can be, then this book is for you or them, or anyone else you know. Packed with over 600+ NEW puzzles of varying levels, from ego boosters to mind bogglers, to frustratingly difficult puzzles, this book will provide you or someone you love with hours of fun and entertainment. These puzzles were used at a recent Sudoku tournament and the levels verified by the Sudoku solvers. What's so unique about this book is you can't cheat because the answers can only be found online and are not printed in the back of the book. Plus if you finish the entire book, send it to the publisher for a free puzzle book, plus a change to win a free ipod. The top scorers of the year are entered to win. Lots of room, lots of puzzles, time and scoring options, plus prizes. What more could you ask for?!