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The Punjab has diverse vegetation types occurring in isolated patches like graveyards, forest plantation and prohibited areas under armed forces and salinity/ sodicity affected soils. Desert and semi-desert vegetations occur in Cholistan and Thar areas, the mountain regions of Punjab and edges of Suleman Range near Rajan Pur have hot mountainous type vegetation. The southern edge of the Potohar Plateau is demarcated by famous salt range of Pakistan. Findings exhibited that how water table, drought, aridity, manmade deforestation, over/ uncontrolled grazing and browsing wiped out the precious plant and algal diversity. This valley needs conservation by adopting different measures and joint efforts of local people, the Government and NGOs. Furthermore, in this study the threatening categories of plant species are identified and also grouped into different biological classes. The species, which are important for ecosystems like endemic and keystone, are given priority for said conservation campaign. This study would lay a foundation for conservation of natural habitat of non-conventional leguminous forage and fodder treasures that is under alarming threats.