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solar powered universal laptop power supply with 8 connectors купить по лучшей цене

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High Capacity: 3.7V 8800mAh (3.5wh) - Full-automatic Wide Voltage Output: 3.5~20V - No power spoilage current output: 0~3000mA - Charging Time : about 4 hours - Auto-dormancy battery design: output close 5 hour dormancy. - Controlled by micro-computer: Interlligent check and storage power display. Indicator lights of diffent colors display diffent power stage. WHen power is low the red light will flash to hint at charging. (Multi-initial technology applied) - At the same time two power supplies output: DC output: 3.5~30V 3A (Max); USB output: 5V1.5A (Max) - Internation-standard USB interface design - Package includes: 14 different type of power tips for different device Leather pouch strap 100~240 US type charger USB cable Power cord Chinese and English user manual