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This book provides an economical efficient solutions to the problems & complexity faced by students, in implementing ECG lab related experiments .A hand held prototype of ECG signal generator is built for Bio-medical,Engineering and Medical Electronics students, who are currently using simulated ECG.DATA file for generation of ECG signals for the purpose of experimental analysis such as adaptive filtering, Noise elimination, QRS detection .We use regular signal generators in our labs for various experimental purposes, in the same way this ECG signal generator can be used to generate ECG signals for study purpose in Bio-Medical engineering field. We wanted to design simple signal generator which is easy to operate by any person. We wanted to design the signal generator using components available in the market at present, which are cost effective but at the same time not compromising on the quality of the final output. This way everyone can afford to buy an ECG signal Generator of good quality. The ECG signal generator needs Digital Storage Oscilloscope to check the output. So we also came up with an idea of designing a handheld ECG signal generator with the output device as GLCD.