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Description : High Efficiency Cyclone Powder Dust Collector Filter Top Quality For Vacuums IA1 Trouble about the dirty working and living environment ? This High Efficiency Cyclone Powder Dust Collector can be a good cleaning helper for you. How to work ? Just need to make it series connected with the normal vacuum as its' power supply. It can work with all kind of vacuum cleaner, such as household vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, whirlpool fan. Rang of application : It is a high efficiency duct collector, which can collect many rubbish in your surrounding, the light things such as wood shavings, wood chips, sawdust, dust; the heavy things such as iron, stone, sand; and the hairlike things such as flour, cement, coal and so on. As long as the items can go through the vacuum cleaner that can be sucked with this dust collector. Suitable for : 1 Whirlpool fan Fan type : 220V 550W-1200W high pressure vortex blower, Dust removal efficiency 90% When this dust collector connected with the vortex blower, it can continuous working 24 hours. 2 Industrial wet dry vacuum cleaners It is suitable for all kind of Industrial vacuum cleaners. The effects when it connected with industrial vacuum cleaner can reach to 99.99%. In addition to wood working dust collection equipment, but also can be widely applied to other industries, such as : mechanical, textile, home improvement, food, grain, coal, cement, building materials, thermal power, metallurgy, steel, sweepers, dust removal equipment manufacturing and personal processing Center on manufactured dust removal facilities. 3 Household vacuum cleaners It can work with all kind of household vacuum except the hand type one. When it connected with the household vacuum cleaner, the effect can reach to 99.99% Warm Note : Xaster (X50) CYCLONE DUST COLLECTOR. Recommend use 1-2kw vacuum cleaner to connect . Specifications : Material : ABS Color : White Dimension : Approx. 306 X 146 mm / 12.05'' X 5.75'' Outlet Diameter : 50mm / 1.97'' Package Includes : 1 x High Efficiency Cyclone Power Dust Filter Detail Pictures :