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Have you ever wanted to take a selfie of panoramic photo? Have you ever thought to take a lot selfies of different angles without any help from other? If so, then you should not miss this electronic panorama cloud holder. Features 360 Degree Panoramic Photo Fix your phone to this holder, set up the setting, press the button and it will help you to do the rest without any shake. 10s Delay Shoot With a set of 10 seconds' time, you can make the best pose in your mind. Universal Use Compatible with almost all kinds of smart phones, as well as Go Pro Camera and selfie sticks. Remote Control Comes with a remote control, the cloud holder can connect with your phone by Bluetooth 4.0. Long Time Standby This device incorporated the latest multifunctional design and can be used for 3 hours with one charge. Specification Weight 200g Load Bearing 500g Height 65mm External Diameter 58mm Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible Device Most of Android Phones, iPhone, Go Pro, Selfie Stick and so on.