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The main objective of writing this book is to demystify research proposal and thesis/report writing. Readers will find useful information about undertaking the process of writing research proposal and tenets of writing thesis as well as report/dissertation. The book presents this information in simple and informative manner to make readers appreciate and understand it. The target audiences of this book are under-graduates and post graduates researchers. The major features of this book include; definition of research and basic terms in research process, types of research ,how to select a topic, formulation of research problem and hypothesis and research questions, research design, research instruments, data analysis and report writing techniques. In each section of this book, there are technical and methodological competences that guide students through the process of; planning and designing a viable research proposal, collecting and analyzing data, and writing report/thesis. The research principles contained in this book are applicable to both qualitative and quantitative research. A list of references is provided at the end of the book for further reading to extend the knowledge