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rccskj 2104 mini power dp ubec black купить по лучшей цене

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8 channel input 16 channel output (1 to 2); Integrated CDI remote flameout switch through the remote control of any channel or switch channels (usually selected switch channel) remote control on or off gasoline engine CDI; Independent CDI power supply module between the receiver power and CDI power completely isolated LED real time display of CDI power supply state; Dual color LED display CDI supply voltage; LED real time indicate plate working state; Steering engine using switch step-down power supply working current of 0~20A the largest 30A (less than 3S); Steering engine power supply 4.8~9.7V stepless adjustable (factory voltage value is 5.2V); Integrated electronic switch compare with traditional mechanical switch more security and stability; Using linear 5V power receiver.