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These mesh cosmetic bags with 4 different size make it easy for you to sort and find your belongings through mesh . Ideal for business travel, family holidays, backpacking etc. Features Includes 4 different size travel mesh storage bags. Made of Nylon and mesh, durable, easy to find what you want and save your time. Protect your belongings from dirt, stains and damage, washable and easy to clean. Use it to organize your trip package, clothing accessories, cosmetics washing kit and other toiletries conveniently. Specifications Material Mesh, nylon 1# Mesh Bag Size (L x W) 160 x 165 mm 2# Mesh Bag Size (L x W) 260 x 210 mm 3# Mesh Bag Size (L x W) 300 x 275 mm 4# Mesh Bag Size (L x W) 365 x 335 mm Package Contents 4 x Travel Mesh Storage Bags