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Features 300 Sonic Vibrations Per Second On battery, the Pore Sonic Cleanser produces 300 sonic vibrations per second enabling it to deeply and thoroughly clean the skin pores. Replaceable Brush Head Equipped with a micro-fine and replaceable brush head that can penetrate even the tiniest skin pores. Visible Pores Reduction This facial massager offers you comfort on the application and ensures that your acne and blackheads are eliminated. Makes Skin Look Smoother Removes makeup better than manual cleansing. How to Use The Pore Sonic Cleanser does not require any expertise to operate. The cleanser uses an AAA disposable battery and has a replaceable facial brush. The following are the steps to getting you on the move. Before placing the facial massager on your facial skin, ensure that you have soaked your face and the facial brush with warm water. Apply the foaming cleanser on your face and turn on the Pore Sonic Cleanser. Using the Cleanser facial brush, massage your face gently. Once you have fully massaged your face, rinse your skin with warm water to rid of the extracted debris and the cleansing foam. For maximum results, the above procedure should be repeated twice or thrice a week. Pore Sonic Cleanser should be cleaned, dried, and safely stored after use. Specifications Name Facial Massager Material ABS + Electronic Components Power Supply AAA battery Product Size 2.6 x 2.6 x 6.7 inches Package Size 23 x 10 x 8 cm Package Weight 110g