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Brand N/A Quantity 1 piece(s) Material PVC + plastic Color Black + red Function Pump capacity: 200cc; Internal tube diameter: 8mm; External tube diameter: 12mm; Black tube length: 1.3m; Red tube: 40cm internal diameter: 3mm external diameter: 12mm fluid rate: 5L/min; Please read the instruction first before use; Handle can only use up and down; Pour some engine oil on pulling bar and pump inside for lubrication; After installation pulling handle for 4~5 times to fill fluid fully then it auto siphon (from high to low) but if fluid flow low to high you need to pull handle continuously; Connect black nozzle to black tube it can be as a pump Packing List 1 x Pump 2 x Red tubes (130cm) 1 x Black tube (40cm)