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ormino pixhawk px4 flight controller gps m8n power module pm ppm led micro osd 3dr 915mhz 433mhz usb cable for diy fpv drone купить по лучшей цене

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Mini Ublox M8N GPS Module NEO-M8N GPS for APM 2.5/2.6/2.8 / CC3D / SP Racing F3 / Naze32 Flip32 / PX4 A new better GPS optional for APM, Pixhawk, CC3D, SP Racing F3, Naze32 and Flip32 flight controller. NEO-M8N will be the best choice for the Open Source Controller with it's Super High Precision and Fast Searching Star Efficiency. It has smaller size compare with old verison, and it weighs only 18g. This NEO-M8N GPS use the Original Imported M8N Chips, and optimize the function module, with Built-in the refresh rate increased to 10GHZ High Speed Searching Stars. We tested the fastest that found 6 Stars in 10 second at the open area. ( The star searching time depend on the location and weather condition) The Star searching Speed and quantity improived, support the Europe's Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Japanese Small Sun, Chinese BDS. The module support GPS + BDS + SBAS or GPS + GLONASS + SBAS Compared with original M8N GPS, the mini versions GPS inherited the high performance, meantime, it's more mini, compact, and with more beautiful appearance. Specially suitable for small size. Tips: When receive the M8N, because of the large changes of Location, please put on the open area for 1~2 hours. Use it after download the Ephemeris and Stable Position Located. 4 Versions optional, please choose the correct version according to your flight controller board: APM GPS: for APM2.5/2.6/2.8 flight controller use, with electronic, the interface is APM official standard line, Plug and play. PX GPS: for Pixhawk flight control, with electronic, the interface is Pixhawk official standard line. Plug and play Naze32 Flip32 GPS: for Naze32 Flip32 flight controller Note: some Mini APM GPS port line is different from us, please check carefully the following pin diagram and together with the definition of flight control to reconnect. CC3D & SP Racing F3 GPS: GPS with electronic for CC3D & SP Racing F3 flight controller. Package included: 1x M8N GPS with case 1x GPS holder