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Benro A650FHD3 Tripod has 4-leg sections with adjustable leg angles for easy set-up. This tripod is made of magnesium allow castings that makes it sturdy and durable. You can individually position each leg in 24 degree, 55 degree and 80 degree angles. The maximum operating height of this device is 1732 mm whereas it can reach the minimum operating height of 457 mm. The normal height of this Benro tripod is 1512 mm & its foldable height is 667 mm. A650FHD3 tripod has NBR grip and 3-way pan head. Its nut-style center column adjusts the height securely for better image results. Tripod Magnesium Alloy Castings Benro A650FHD3 tripod has magnesium allows castings which is lighter in weight & provide high durability. It lends greater vibration reduction for better picture results. Height & Weight Benro A650FHD3 Universal series tripod weighs 2.61 kg and has maximum weight taking capacity of 8 kg. Its maximum operating height is 1732 mm whereas its minimum operating height is 457 mm. You can set the tripod to normal height of 1512 mm. The foldable height of this 4-leg section tripod is 667 Firm Grip with NBR You can easily set-up this tripod in any terrain as it comes with a firm grip. The grip is made of thick NBR i.e. Nitrile Butadiene Rubber that acts as an insulator between your hand and tripod leg. It enables you to carry the tripod with ease anywhere. Spring Hook for Hanging Camera Accessories This Benro tripod allows you to hang camera case and other accessories on its spring hook. By hanging your belonging on the hook, you also give more stability to the tripod legs especially when the weather is extremely windy. Wing Nut-Style Center Column Locking Knob You can easily alter the overall height of the A650FHD3 tripod. It comes with wing nut-style center column locking knob. This knob allows you to adjust the height of the tripod in a secure manner while doing photography. Quick-Lock Leg Locking System Benro A650FHD3 Universal series tripod comes with quick-lock leg locking system. You can easily adjust the length of the leg to take precise shots. It also prevents the tripod from twisting while you take a picture. Benro HD3 Panhead Graduated Angle Scale See and set the position of your tilts and pans. Snap-in Quick Release Plate Interchangeable QR system assures effortless and rapid camera changes. Separate Pan Knob Independent pan and lock control. Integrated Bubble Level Allows adjustment to prevent uneven pans and tripod head movements. Dual Locking Quick Release System Patented spring lock combined with manual release provides extra security. Specifications Brand Benro Model A650FHD3 Material Magnesium Alloy In The Box Tripod + Tripod Bag Center Column Yes Folded Length 667 mm Height 1512 mm Leg Angles 24 degrees, 55 degrees, 80 degrees Leg Lock Type Quick Lock Leg Tip Rubber Load Capacity 8000 g Maximum Operating Height 1732 mm Minimum Operating Height 457 mm Number of Leg Sections 4 Panhead 3-Way Special Features 29 mm Maximum Diameter, 20 mm Minimum Diameter Technical Details 4 Leg Section, 1.2 mm Thick Aluminium Tubing Leg Section Material, 3-way Panhead, Magnesium Alloy Material, Quick Lock, Wing nut-style Center Column Locking Knob, Spring Hook, Closed Foam Grip, Adjustable Leg Angles, Built-in Spirit Level Weight 2610 g