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opening 20 mm tripod with lamp red circle ship type switch kcd1 105 3 feet 2 file with lamp купить по лучшей цене

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IF you're a botanist and want to make your grow room safer with the use of LED lights this is the perfect accessory. It features the red and blue colored light need for those big and beautiful flower buds. There are 80 red LEDтАЩs and 10 blue LEDтАЩs; each being 2W for a total of 90W. There are 3 cooling fans built-in and they are perfect for maintaining that perfect climate not to mention reducing the risk of fire. Everything you need is included and can simply be hung from a hook anywhere you like! - Color: White - Aluminum casing - Built-in 3 cooling fans - 80-LED red lights & 10-LED blue lights - Power: 90 x 1W - Voltage: 90~240V - Wavelength: 660nm (red light) / 430nm (blue light) - Power cable length: 160cm (2-round-pin plug type) - Comes with metal hook