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opening 20 mm tripod with lamp red circle ship type switch kcd1 105 3 feet 2 file with lamp купить по лучшей цене

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Chinese description Chinese describe characteristics of 1 bicycle enthusiasts top equipment have a fever was recommended to buy!! 2 the 1 ultra bright America CREE XML T6 LED color temperature of 5000K the highest luminous flux of 980 lumens designed specifically for cycling and mountaineering lovers. 3 power: the battery pack with capacity of 4400mAh (4 18650) 2 and 2 on design to provide power backed by powerful 4: high current charger charger with overcharge protection and temperature protection short circuit protection intelligent fast charging fully charged automatic stop parameters are as follows: input: 100~240v AC 50/60Hz output: 8.4V; DC/1.8-2.3A 5: IC dual control circuit 6 files dimming. Constant current always is a kind of high brightness no electricity will go out and unlike step-down circuit will slowly go dark. 6 connection line is the use of 3.5mm in diameter very durable the interface is very strong. 7 after the switch 6 open 2 red switch for outer ring switch 1 file 2 file for the outer ring is light flashing. Black switch for headlight switch T6 1 when the light 2 file 3 file light weak light 12 3 file 3 seconds long into the flash 8 aluminum alloy vacuum plated with a light reflecting cup 90 degrees angle used for riding. Perfect match! 9 waterproof: IP-6 rain completely free riding. 10 applicable to all bicycles very simple and easy to use. 11 a 360 degree rotating lamp holder assembly and disassembly is more convenient firm let you ride more secure.