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newboler waterproof bicycle light set usb bike front head light rechargeable rear safety flashlight tail light lamp retail box купить по лучшей цене

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Do you want to make you bicycle more useful and safe? Bicycle safety can make the difference between life and death. Riding at night means that you’re not that visible. Wearing a reflective vest can help but having lights on your bike is a sure fire guarantee that you will be visible. This set includes a rear light and a headlamp with 3 modes. The LED lights use little energy and last a life time. Set your lights to flash mode and alert people to your situation if needed. - Material: plastic - Ultra bright white 5-LED flashlight/head light (4 x AAA not included) - 3 modes: steady/slow flashing/fast flashing - Ultra bright red 5-LED tail light (2 x AAA not included) - Comes with 2 bike mounts