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This wireless relay switch is a simple way to turn on your low voltage load. Suitable for security alarm, remote control electric doors and windows, signal control and etc. Easy to install and use. Features This kit includes 2 transmitters and 4 receivers. Adopts RF technology, with long remote control distance and stable signal. The receiving module provides high signal sensitivity at lower cost and resist interference for excellent stability. It adopts non-directional wireless encoding technology, allowing independent control without mutual interference. It control circuit off, replace the key switch output is normally open and normally closed contact switch. It is widely used in industrial control and security fields, such as light, motor, remote controller, wireless security alarm, wireless door alarm, wireless controller, etc. Specifications Working Voltage AC220V +- 10% Max Load10A relay, resistive load: ≤8A, inductive load: ≤3A Channel 1CH Working Frequency 315MHz/433MHz optional Receiver Sensitivity -105Db Working Temperature -10℃-+60℃ Output Way Momentary, Toggle, Latched adjusted by jumper Package Contents 4 x Receivers(Without Cover), 2 x Transmitters