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new printhead for hp 364 564 for hp b8550 b6550 c5380 c6375 c6340 c6350 c6380 d5460 c410b print head купить по лучшей цене

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We love our photos. Taking pictures and cherishing those memories is a pleasure in life. Being able to remember those happy moments and share them with friends and family are a true pleasure. Looking back at baby pictures and wedding pictures is sure to bring that smile back on dark days. What better way to enjoy them by being able to print them out and share them with everyone. This ink gadget will allow you to continually print out the photos you want while reducing the cost. No more throwing away a perfectly good ink cartridge because one color is low. Now you have the option to refill that color and won’t even need to stop printing those pictures while you do it. This is definitely a must have for the photographer in the family. - Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) - Large external ink tanks provide a constant flow of ink directly to cartridges - Reduces printing costs up to 90% (manufacturer rated) - Sponge free environmentally friendly design. No waste of ink. Recycling cartridges - Compatible with HP Photosmart B8550/C5380/C6380/C5460/D7560/B8550/C5380/C6380/C5460/D7560/B8558/C5388/D5468/C309g - Empty. NO ink included - Easy to install and use - Comes with Chinese user manual