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Impacted teeth are well-known from ancient times. Wisdom teeth have been described in the ancient texts of Plato and Hippocrates. "Teeth of wisdom" being from the Latin,dentes sapienti?, which in turn is derived from the Hippocratic term, sophronisteres, from the Greek sophron, meaning prudent. Charles Darwin believed the wisdom teeth are declined with evolution which his contemporary, Paolo Mantegazza, later proved to be false when he discovered Darwin was not opening the jawbones of specimens to find the impacted tooth stuck in the jaw. Analysis of literature for appliances of radiological methods show that the computed tomography is contemporary paraclinical testing. Teeth retention create difficult for clinicians, because it's a polietiologic disease. This determine difficulties to treat – conservative, conservative surgical, surgical, orthodontic surgical. In the last two decades is observed tendency to impacted teeth removal with piezoelectric surgical device. Effective management of pain after surgical extraction of retained and semi-retained lower wisdom teeth is an important aspect of contemporary dental practice.