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natalia vyuyeva the grand kremlin palace купить по лучшей цене

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Впервые с помощью компьютерной графики сделана попытка восстановить утраченные кремлевские памятники - церковь Спаса на Бору, великокняжеский дворец Ивана III, Чудов и Вознесенский монастыри.We are offering you a unique excursion about the Unknown Kremlin. For the first time you will see Royal and Patriarchal chambers and home churches of Russian Grand Princes and Czars, coronation in the Dormition Cathedral and a sumptuous feast in the Chamber of Facets. You will have a look of the Kremlin gardens and admire the city panorama.This video film is about changes in the architectural and artistic image of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square in the twentieth century. It includes rare documentary sequences.For the first time by means of computer graphics we made an attempt to restore the lost Kremlin monuments.