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master carbon fiber cello bow nice snakewood frog straight strong great balance and flexibility free shipping with hard bow case купить по лучшей цене

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This PH20 is a great solution to the problem of shooting moving subjects with a long telephoto lens, made of carbon fiber material, light weight and strong hardness, it can load 20kg maximum weight, it is a must-have tool for the photographers to  track fast-moving subjects. Carbon Fiber Material Adopts carbon fiber material increase load capacity and vibration reduction, light weight and strong hardness. Level Rotation and Tilt Movement Freely achieve 360 degree level rotation and + 150°-70°tilt movement, quicker and more convenient. Super telephoto design 600mm Prime Lens to capture images of quick moving objects. 3/8 Universal Screw Connection screw is 3/8 international standard, it is designed for professional photographers. Small Plate Design Suitable for different photography equipment, such as vertical photography without tripod. Portable Design It can load 20kg weight, it has only 1.09kg weight, the height of the head is 23cm. Specifications Name Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head Brand SIRUI Model PH20 Type Gimbal Head Material Carbon fiber Load Weight 20kg Head Height 23cm Base Diameter 5cm Product Weight 1090g Package Size (L x W x H) 32 x 32 x 11 cm Package Contents 1 x SIRUI PH20 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head, 1 x Head Bag, 1 x Anti-slip Back Belt, 1 x Big Bearing Plate, 1 x Small Bearing Plate, 1 x Quick Release Plate, 1 x User Manual