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This Rocago MM-118B Full Automatic Electric Infrared Foot Bath Massager utilizes the infrared therapy to massage your feet and gives you a better massage effect. It has roller massage mode and vibration massage mode, stimulating the blood circulation of your feet. The water temperature can be controlled to ensure comfort. A good health care product for caring for your feet. Infrared Therapy Produce the most effective resonance through contact with water molecules on the foot. Particles Vibration Massage Artificial gravel road design helps effectively stimulate 66 acupoints of the planta. Intelligent Constant Temperature Effectively control and maintain the water temperature to ensure comfort. Circulation Surfing Massage Impacting on the foot acupoints by water helps improve foot micro-circulation Roller Massage Back and forth roller massage helps effectively stimulate foot acupoints. Specifications Model MM-118B Housing Material ABS Capacity 10L Rated Power 800W Input Power 220V 50Hz Water Temperature 50℃ Power Cord Length 175 cm Product Weight 4 kg Product Size 52 x 42 x 31 cm Package Weight 4.05 kg Package Size 54.5 x 44 x 32 cm Package Content 1 x Rocago MM-118B Foot Bath Massager with Cord, 1 x User Manaul