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kzltd ssr 300a industrial ssr relay 300a ac ac solid state relay 300a 80 280v ac to 24 680v ac relay ssr solid state relays купить по лучшей цене

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Model N/A Quantity 1 Color Green Material PCB Features Supports up to 3-CH 3A relay control xBee wireless module; With individual external power supply and Opto-couplers isolation high anti-jamming performance Specification External power supply voltage: 7~12V (>500mA); Max. relay switching voltage: AC 240V / DC 60V; Max. relay switch current: 5A; Contact load: 1A AC250V; 3A AC 120V / DC 24V; Relay quantity: 4; Wireless output connector: xBee / Bluetooth Bee / RFBee; Employ Arduino port: Relay digit 2 3 4 5; Wireless module digit 0 1 Application Perfect for Arduino lovers; Easy to DIY smart home appliance and control it with Android cell phone Packing List 1 x Relay shield