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kess v2 v4 036 master version no token limit kess v2 4 036 manager tuning kit ecu programming tool kess v4 036 купить по лучшей цене

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The lightweight and compact size of the KESS V2 Programming Tool has been designed to be easy to carry around in the situation that you need to check a battery's voltage power, discover a problem with a battery or to recover files in the case of an issue. Features Check of the battery voltage in real-time. Full Recovery function in case of problems. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available). Boot-Loader mode supported. Management of the programming counters. ScanTool function to remove DTC. Several options of reading/writing speed. Option to write full file/section of the map. Full integration with ECM Titanium. Supported Languages: English/German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French. It comes with 60 tokens, when tokens are used out, you can add it by yourself via the way we offer in the CD manual, there is diagram and video, package come for J-LINK Programmer. Specifications Brand Name NO Model Number SE87-E Model Name KESS V2 V2.15 OBD2 Tuning Kit Material Type Plastics Item Type ECU Chip Tuning Special Features ECU Chip Tuning Package Weight 1.3kg Package Size 25 x15 x 7 cm