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People initially used system like SCADA and PLC''s for home,industrial automation purposes and for security applications, but for today''s world when people want access and monitoring from remote location, mobile networks can be a good option. This work is for design a low cost system which use a mobile phone (particularly SMS service of GSM)to monitor temperature from a remote location. To achieve the objective a micro controller-based sms module is designed to interface a mobile phone via serial cable to form a wireless temperature monitor system. SMS is used to interact with the mobile phone which in turn interacts with the module. The module connected to a temperature sensor which is used to acquire temperature information, the module sends temperature information to remote user via SMS. Here the module GSM mobile- micro-controller interface system utilized the existing GSM''s SMS service with low-cost hardware equipment to create a system for remote monitoring. For communication between mobile and micro-controller here AT commands (specified by Standard GSM 07.05) are used. The system can be monitored via SMS from anywhere that is covered by GSM service.