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The book "Evaluation of different insecticides against E. vittella on okra crop" contain a details account of E. vittella control. The experiment was conducted to determine the efficacy of insecticides against shoot and fruit borer E. vittella (Fabricius)on okra variety Arka Anamika.Various insecticides were tested for the control of E. vittella in kharif season okra crop. Generally the wide spectrum insecticides also lead the pest resurgence and causes secondary pest out break. However, some entomologist have found that the use of navel insecticides, bio pesticides and Neem based insecticides is advantageous in several ways over synthetic insecticides and safer to mammals, natural enemies and beneficial insect. So that these studies were under taken to manage the insect pest of okra with safer insecticides for successful crop production. Among the various treatment Indoxacarb 14.5 SC was found significantly superior in controlling fruit damage and also gave maximum fruit yield. In this experiment, I found that, the novel insecticides are very useful to control E. vittella. Thus this book will be great use to specially students of agriculture entomology who worked on this insect.