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icr18650 3 7v 2400mah rechargeable battery lithium batteries li ion bateria for led flashlight torch headlight купить по лучшей цене

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The TrustFire rechargeable 26650 Li-ion batteries are with 5000mAh high Battery capacity to provide excellent continuous power sources to your device. Protection circuit is built-in for safely discharging and charging. Rechargeable battery is environmental friendly. The reliable and durable 26650 battery is with wide application particularly suitable for flashlight electric tools electric bicycles and electric vehicles. - Brand: TrustFire - Model: 26650 - Voltage: 3.7V - Capacity: 5000mAh (actual 4000mAh) - Rechargeable Li-ion battery - Built-in protection circuit - Great batteries for your flashlight or other devices - Comes as a pair