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Contained within this antique book is a detailed guide to the making of vintage furniture. Complete with detailed diagrams and helpful information on each piece, this book constitutes the perfect resource for those with an interest in the composition and construction technique of these beautiful items of furniture. It is one not to be missed by the discerning woodworker. The chapters contained herein include: 'Three-Piece Settee', 'The Bed-Sitting Room', 'Building an Attractive Window Seat', 'Television Chairs', 'Wing Easy Chairs', 'Combination Coffee Table and Seat', 'Occasional Table', 'Glass Top Coffee Table', 'Coffee Tables in Contemporary Style', 'Tripod Coffee Table', 'Folding Coffee Table', 'Chess Table', 'Lady's Work-Coffee Table', and many more. This text has been elected for modern republication because of its instructional value, and we are proud to republish it now complete with a new introduction on making and restoring furniture.