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The Ceramic Knife is an environmental friendly chemically stable product which is rust-free and non-corrosive. The non-stick surface is easier to clean than steel and will not tarnish or absorb food odors they are easy to care for by rinsing in warm water and they do not need to be fully dried when stored.。 Care & Handing With proper care these ceramic kitchen knives will hold its sharpness for literally years without resharpening. 1.Please use on a plastic or wood cutting board. 2.Rinse in warm water or gently hand wash using a mild detergent in warm water. 3.Do not drop the knife as this can cause the blade to break. 4.Do not use the knife for grating. 5.Do not use the knife as a lever. 6.Do not twist the knife during the cutting process. 7.Do not use to cut frozen goods bones or fish bones. 8.Do not wash the knife in a dishwasher machine. 9.Store the knife in a conventional knife block or other stable environment. 10.Keep the knife away from children. 11.Do not try to re-sharpen the knife by yourself. 12.Avoid using abrasive pads or powders. Specification: Knives Handle Material: ABS Knives Blade Material: Zirconium Oxide