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Brand Victory Model CKSA3456PB Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Yellow + white Material Zirconia Specification Won't rust forever; Easy to clean; Abrasion resistance is 10 times than common knife; Sharp and durable Other Features 6" knife: common knife used to cut; Suitable for cutting meat and vegetables; 5" knife: Can cut vegetables and meat into shreds and pieces; 4" and 3" knives: Lightweight great hand feeling and easy to clean; suitable for cutting fruits; Knife holder is made of quality organic glass firm high temperature resistant and moisture proof; Detachable and easy to clean Packing List 1 x 3" Ceramic knife (Blade length: 77mm blade width: 20mm handle: 100mm total: 177mm) 1 x 4" Ceramic knife (Blade length: 103mm blade width: 21mm handle: 102mm total: 205mm) 1 x 5" Ceramic knife (Blade length: 127mm blade width: 25mm handle: 118mm total: 245mm) 1 x 6" Ceramic knife (Blade length: 157mm blade width: 34mm handle: 117mm total: 272mm) 1 x Peeler (132 x 50 x 15mm) 1 x Knife holder (122 x 107 x 170)