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The Gas Torch kit allows you to weld with a range of materials. The Gas Torch Jewelers produces a controlled and stable flame to melt weldable materials. The soldering welding kit will enable you to extend and improve upon your skills. Super Heating Provides powerful flame with high temperature to weld your materials. Flexible Hoses Connect to any standard pressure regulator. Oxygen and Fuel Gas Valves Vary the flame length to his/her exact requirements by adjusting the oxygen and fuel gas valves on the torch body. 5 Interchangeable Torch Tips Provide a wide range of flame lengths and heat output for various metals and thickness. Compact and Lightweight Design Lets you work easily and precisely in every field. Broad Applicability Ideal for jewelry repair and construction, hobbyists, crafts, metal sculpture, glass blowing, and electronics repair and manufacturing. Specification Brand Smith Type Welding/Cutting tools Features Gas Torch Wight 350g Package Size 22 x 14.5 x 5.5cm