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hpdb68 scsi cable male to male m m db68 pin cable professional customization 100 купить по лучшей цене

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Model: WingTurn GUT-0195 - Color: Black + silver - Material: P + copper + zinc alloy - SCSI HPDB 100 pin M-M Cable (Spring latch connectors) - Half pitch D-SUB 1.27mm 100pin male connector - SCSI: Small Computer System Interface - SCSI is most commonly used for hard disks and tape storage devices but also connects a wide range of other devices including scanners CD-ROM drives CD recorders and DVD drives. In fact the entire SCSI standard promotes device independence - Shell: Steel nickel plated - Insulator: Black P.B.T - Contact: Copper alloy 5u' gold plated - Hood: Zinc alloy die cast nickel plated - Screws: UNC 23#56 metal nickel plated - Specification: UL2990 black cable; 28#50P A+E+B - Impedances: 90ohm +/- 15ohm OD=10.4mm - SR: P.V.C - Cable length: 1 meters