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video The Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier is dedicated to reducing the plastic footprint. With TDS less than 100 and RO technology, the purifier makes tap water drinkable. The compact purifier with a base area which is even smaller than an A4-size paper can dispense 400 gallons flow in a day. Features 4-step RO Filtration Technology PP Cotton removes large particles of sediment, rust, etc; granaul activated carbon removes odor, chlorine; RO removes heavy matters etc; granular activated carbon improves taste of water. Developed in Collaboration with Yunmi TechnologyIn collaboration with Yunmi Technology, the Mi Water Purifier employs Reverse Osmosis (RO) with a TDS value under 100 to purify water Deep Cleaning up to 0.0001μmThe tap water can be purified with an accuracy of 0,0001μm thanks to the RO technology to effectively filters out the heavy metals, bacteria, organic substances, etc, so you can drink safe water. Faster Filtration Rate with 1.0L / min super high water production rate, even up to almost 400 gallons of water one day. Smart APP Control Via Wi-Fi connectivity, the Mi Smart Home APP will tell you the water consumption, water TDS value, water quality change and remind you of changing filter in time. Waterproof Touch Water Tap IPX6 waterproof grade, you can touch even by wet hands; easy to use with a gentle touch; and the LED indicator will show the water quality with its light color. Exquisite But Compact The Mi Water Purifier has a base area smaller than an A4-size paper. And it is easy to install beside the water tap in kitchen. Specifications Name Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier Brand Xiaomi Color White Type Water Purifier Rated Voltage 220V Rated Power 96W Product Weight 11.8kg Product Size 20.5 x 26 x 41 cm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Water Purifier 4 x Water Filter1 x Touch Faucet 1 x Accessory Box (with Some Accessories in it)1 x User Manual